Dealer Spotlight: Rudnick Architectural & Decorative Arts

by | Dec 20, 2022

With just 4 years in business, Rudnick Architectural & Decorative Arts has already established itself as an instrumental resource in the antique furniture and decorative arts market. The owner, Mike Rudnick, is not only adept at sourcing some of the most remarkable pieces, he also has the unique ability to view his acquisitions with a holistic point-of-view and give buyers recommendations for how to design their spaces to create the most impact. From statement chandeliers to stunning bed frames to floor screens, Mike offers ideas for incorporating collector-worthy pieces in the creation of bespoke spaces that speak to one’s individuality.

USAS: How long have you been in business?

Mike Rudnick: 4 years

USAS: What genre of antique are you most drawn to?

MR: Large scale decorative objects from fine Asian works of art, especially the Meiji period, to fine French and Italian furniture and decorative accessories

USAS: What are people gravitating to currently?

MR: Whatever is trending seems to be driving the market, at least in the decorative sense. Of course, modern has been very hot now for many years but those looking for the most exclusive and fine objects tend not care about what’s trending, these are generally the savvy shoppers with the most worldly and affluent tastes who are looking for the finest items regardless of what is in vogue.

USAS: Can you tell us about one of your favorite finds?

MR: Tricky question, there are too many to choose from, probably in most recent years we had an exceptional super finely casted, bronze mounted buffet with the most incredible Chinese coromandel panels in the front, with super fine ram head sabots, and a stunning sienna marble top, it was the 19th century copy of the original, which was from the Louis XVI period, circa 1780, created by Parisian cabinetmaker Martin Carlin. It was really a remarkable find.

USAS: What’s one piece of advice you can give to someone who wants to purchase antique furniture or home decor?

MR: Buy what you absolutely love, and don’t stick to just one style, mixing makes everything so much more attractive, especially when done right!


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